Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stores On Upper West Side with "intentional" gluten free offerings....

All fruit and vegetables are gluten free... I wont post every place you can get fruit for a snack....I am assuming that you would like to find:
Bread Crackers Cookies Pretzels Ice Cream Sandwiches, hand made pasta, fresh baked goods....

On the Upper West side we have an amazing spot, G-Free on 85 East of Columbus,click this link:

In addition we are lucky enough to have departments in many of our West Side Food stores....

Fairway Broadway 74th
Fairway Info (more locations than the original at 74th)

Zabars Broadway 80th  
Zabars small selection Udis Bagels are usually in the store

Trader Joes Broadway 72nd
List from Trader Joes

Whole Foods Broadway 59th (Basement of Time Warner Center)-The Whole Foods on 99th and Columbus has a much smaller selection...
Great frozen GF case and great list of items

List and Links for GF friendly Restaurants on the Upper West Side

Here are links to the Upper West Side Restaurant with Gluten Free Menus:
(most kitchens are NOT 10000% gf,)

Rosa Mexicano GF Menu 64 and Columbus

Lili's 57 GF Chinese 57 and 7th ave delivers to Upper West Side

Serafina Menu has GF pasta Broadway and 77th(all over city)

Sambuca GF Dinner Menu 72 and Central Park West Italian

Nice Matin GF Menu 79th and Amsterdam French Bistro

5 Napkin Burger GF Buns and French Fries, all over city 84 and Broadway also

Uno's Chain 81 and Broadway GF menu including Pizza

Pappardella GF Dinner menu Columbus and 75 Italian

'Cesca 75th off Amsterdam GF Pasta available(call 1st)

Cafe Fiorello Lincoln Center Italian GF pasta Menus

Shake Shack GF menu, 77 and Columbus (all over city)

Carmines GF menu, click disclaimer to see Italian Menu Broadway 91st

Peacefood Vegan and GF menu Amsterdam and 82nd

Cafe 82 HUGE GF menu waffles, french fries,sandwiches etc Broadway/82 call for more info

Chipotle GF Menu Amsterdam 72

I continue my work on a global map but this kind blogger has a NEW YORK CITY GF map...
GREAT all NYC Gluten Free Google Maps
always CALL FIRST!!!!