Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Welcome to Gluten Free in NYC and other places

This is my "guide: for the Gluten Free Visitor-mostly for NY City where my family lives, but also to the cities I visit.

Who am I?
  • Gluten Free-I never cheat- it really hurts me.
  • Long time resident of Manhattan(1984)Upper West Sider(1988)
  • Mother and Sister and Daughter of gluten free eaters....
  • Crafter(knitter, quilter, and lots of fibery goodness)
  • Worker(desk job, happily in a great GF neighborhood)
  • Shopper(mostly for food and crafty things)
  • When I travel I try to live as a local, shop where they do and meet other locals, for me this includes finding a crafting group or drop in exercise club
What is this?

  • GF restaurants info-I highlight the links with brightly colored background
  • GF store info
  • also some visitor's info, once you are eating you might as well get to know the neighborhood!
  • some GF questions to ask?
  • travel notebook
  • MAP:     Gluten Free Travel map
    •  (You should always call first!!! Over the years, I have stood in front of at least six closed gluten free restaurants that are gone or currently renovating, have a broken water main  or just out of GF pasta that day....)
Which Cities have been included on the map so far?(as of June 2013)

New York
Eastern Long Island
Washington DC
West Coast Florida
Big Island Hawaii
Stockholm will be added soon.....

Here are the LINKS to NY GF restaurants(from other sites) PLEASE CALL, some restaurants reccommended on these lists are gone

CBS Restauran list

Urban Spoon List

Yelp list-you can change neighborhood on this site

Open table GF suggestions, free reservations as well here

Guest of a Guest list

Gluten Free MOM list

CBS Best GF bakeries,dont forget Rissoteria (not on this list)

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